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The Grooove
side of Life


At Grooove (with 3 ooο), with persistent, good cooperation, passion and a lot of love for what we do, we offer in the center of Volos the most Grooove experience of flavors, aromas and sensations!

In 2006, we felt that there is a need for evolution in the area and in order to go a step further, we decided to make our own complete proposal in the center of Volos, and we called it Grooove. From then until today our aim is renewal and continuous improvement. Come and let us accommodate you and see the grooove side of life. Grooove’s philosophy is based on real flavors, fresh ingredients, products with history and quality and experiences collected from our travels abroad.

Thanasis Kouziokas
& Kostas Kotopoulos

Our Grooove Mornings


The day starts in Grooove.

Welcome to the place where
where coffee and brunch are
a wonderfully complete experience.

At Grooove we offer freshly roasted coffee from selected taf blends, served in many different ways of extraction. The Groοove Brunch Menu, with a healthy touch, attentive to every detail, offers the only brunch proposal in the city for a relaxing daily breakfast, ideal after shopping on Saturday or Sundays.

BarFood Menu


All the cocktails & spirits are accompanied by the barfood menu signed by Grigoris Helmis which introduces you to fine dining. The kitchen of Grooove is where most of the ingredients are “created” and used in the special dishes with street spirit. We combine the new city lifestyle with our love for gastronomy and set up dishes proposing particularly thoughtful choices.

The cocktail & spirits story

In 2008, the so-called Golden Age of Cocktails, we embraced and evolved the trend by introducing culinary ingredients into cocktails and started playing with the senses.

The wine list contains a complete wine list structured with Greek and international winery labels.
Our love for the wine business made us turn all hours of the day suitable for wine in the city centre.

In one of the most well-traveled bars in Greece, one of the owners and award-winning bartender Thanasis Koouziokas, along with his fellow tasters, begin to create! In a cellar with over 700 spirit labels, they make their own cocktail suggestions through Grooove’s “The Book”.

The list includes recipes with aperitivo, with variations of classic drinks, with champagne and gin and tonic, premium spirits are combined with unexpected ingredients and the result is incredibly harmonious.

Grooove is widely known through its distinctions in competitions, and is a trademark of the city. One of the owners, Thanasis Koouziokas, who has participated in many competitions worldwide, was the winner of the Mediterranean Inspirations World Competition.

Awarded in the top 10 positions with the highest scores among the best bars in Greece in 2018 and as the best bar in Greece for 2019 with the highest score.

Awarded in the top 10 positions with the highest scores among the best Bars in Greece in 2018 and as the best Bar in Greece for 2019 by accumulating the highest score.

The Grooove Cocktail Bar of Volos, with its sophisticated wine cellar and demanding cocktail list, was declared the best bar in the country.

Grooove events


We love everything new, we are open to collaborations and new challenges

We host themed events and create new collaborations in the field of spirits and gastronomy creating moments, making bonds and groovy experiences.